What You Need To Know About Gum Disease

What You Need To Know About Gum Disease The health of your gums is an important part of your overall oral health If the gums are not healthy, they can affect the way your teeth look and function. Practicing a proper oral hygiene routine can help minimize the chance of developing complex dental problems like gum disease.

At Congressional Dental Care in Rockville, MD, Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh and Dr. Sina Farzin are invested in the health of your smile and offer a range of services to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease, schedule an appointment at Congressional Dental Care as soon as possible. If spotted early enough, gum disease can be reversed under the care of an experienced dentist.

What is gum disease?

There are two stages of gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis occurs when tartar sticks to the teeth, causing inflammation and irritation in the gums. During this stages, patients may notice tooth sensitivity and bleeding gums when brushing or flossing. Periodontitis occurs when the teeth pull away from the gum line, creating deep pockets that become infected. The bone and connective tissue that hold together the teeth begin to break down, causing the teeth to shift and loosen. If not properly treated, the teeth may need to be removed or they ay fallout on their own.

What are the signs of gum disease?

The signs of gum disease vary from patient to patients. It is important to know the signs of gum disease so that you can schedule an appointment if you notice a change in your oral health.

  • receding gum line
  • loose teeth
  • shifting teeth
  • bad breath
  • bleeding gums
  • tooth sensitivity
  • toothache

what are the treatments for gum disease?

Congressional Dental Care offers a wide range of periodontal therapy services for patients in any varying stages of gum disease. Dr. Farzin or Dr. Sarkarzadeh will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to determine which treatment will best suit your dental needs. Treatment may include anti-bacterial rinses, dental cleaning, a scaling and root planing procedure or advanced periodontal therapy with a local specialist. We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that will help restore health back into your gums and improve the overall health and quality of your smile.

How do I schedule an appointment to Congressional Dental Care in Rockville, MD?

if you are noticing signs of gum disease, schedule an appointment to Congressional Dental care. Our Rockville dentists office will address your dental concerns and provide the treatment you need. Patients can contact our Rockville dentist office and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced, trusted dentist.