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dental implant rockville mdDr. Ali Sarkarzadeh provides affordable dental implants services in Rockville, MD.

Dental implants have become the “gold-standard” for replacing missing teeth. Implants are tooth prosthetics that provide structural and functional support. If you are missing teeth or have an ill-fitted denture or bridge, dental implants can provide added stability and support long-term oral health.

Choosing dental implants or an implant secured bridge or denture is an investment in your long-term oral health. Missing teeth, left untreated, lead to decay, periodontal disease, and gum recession. Patients with just one missing tooth could experience deterioration of the jawbone, additional tooth loss, and facial sinking.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants work to stabilize the integrity of the face shape by supporting the structure of the jawbone. Dental implants simulate natural tooth roots to promote bone regeneration and prevent deterioration of existing bone. Implants are known for their high rate of success and long-term oral health benefits.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • 95% Success rate
  • Restores natural bite function
  • Natural looking
  • Long lasting, durable
  • Stabilize bite
  • Protects integrity of facial structure
  • No dietary limitations
  • Brush and floss daily like natural teeth

We can replace any number of missing teeth with an implant supported restoration. A single missing tooth is restored with an implant secured dental crown. For multiple consecutive missing teeth, we will place an implant supported dental bridge. For patients who are missing all of their teeth or a single arch, we will place implant supported dentures.


Congressional Dental care offers teeth-in-a-day implant supported hybrid prosthesis services. For qualifying patients, teeth-in-a-day treatment plans offer natural looking teeth replacement in just one visit to our Rockville, MD dentist office. Through comprehensive pre-treatment planning our dentists are able to coordinate the removal of any damaged teeth, place implants and secure a dental restoration all in one day. Using advanced 3-D digital dental technology our dentists are able to optimize healthy bone structure for a long lasting replacement for missing teeth.

Complete Dental Implant Services

Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh and Dr. Sina Farzin work together to provide patients with quality dental implants under one roof.  We provide full-service dental implant treatment plans tailored to the unique needs and cosmetic goals of each individual patient. Our dental implant services help patients streamline the implant process by providing all phases of treatment from the comfort of our Rockville, MD dentist office.

Dr. Sina Farzin will perform the operational phase of your dental implant treatment. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Farzin offers personalized dental implant treatment plans that provide lasting and natural results to improve the function and stabilize the structure of your bite and smile. Dr. Farzin also provides gum and bone grafting for patients who have advanced periodontitis and require additional treatments before receiving their dental implants.

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If you are missing teeth and interested in dental implants in Rockville, MD, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sarkarzadeh or Dr. Farzin. They will discuss your dental health, cosmetic goals, and budget concerns to determine if dental implants are right for you. Congressional Dental Care is currently accepting new patients.