Rockville MD Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

Jules C.

Highly satisfied with the dental care I get here. Guys, thanks for putting up with me over the years – I can be such a needy patient.

Dr. Ali is awesome and Galina the hygienist is a dream. Everyone is laid-back and I’ve been happy with my dental care (cleanings, fillings, night-guard, nothing major). What I appreciate most is that the dentist just tells it to me straight and doesn’t try to sell me on anything. Ever.

M. S

Awesome service. I love Galina and Dr. S – they truly are the nicest people in the dental profession. Dr. Sarkarzadeh is an honest dentist, and probably the best dentist in the Rockville area. He has taken care of me and wife numerous times, and every time we have our appointment, we are greeted with smiles and hello like we are family. It great to be in such great care and company.

I’m glad their website let’s people like us, that are always on the go, book appointments online. Makes life so much easier!

Alex L.

Having been through six dentists in my life and having multiple friends become dentists, I can say that no one even comes close to Dr. Sarkar’s level of professionalism, care, skill and friendliness. He fixed mistakes from years ago and helped my mother tremendously. I would not see another dentist in the DMV.

He is not only the best dentist I have ever had, he is a role model for every doctor. I relocated to Italy and the thing I miss most about DC is…my dentist. Yes, that is how good Dr. Sarkar and his team are.

I will schedule my appointments around my flights home.

Stretch G.

Let me first say this is the most fun I’ve had at the dentist in years! Dr. S and his team are the best! They made me feel right at home and took great care of me. The dental hygienist was the best! Dr. S was very informative and told me everything I needed to know about my wisdom teeth and some other cosmetic things I may want done…invisalign(sp)!

I encourage you to go to this dentist! You won’t be disappointed! Go right now! Eat yourself some Oreos and popcorn so that you can have the most enjoyable cleaning your mouth has ever had in life!

Anne S.

How good is Dr. S? All three of my kids actually like going to the dentist – that’s how good he is.

My 9-year-old had a cavity at her last checkup, and when we came back to get it fixed, he was so great with her. She was terrified and about to cry, but he worked with her, encouraging her throughout, and when it was done, she left smiling – well, smiling as best she could while still being numb from the Novocaine.

Puja L.

I hate going to the dentist. But I really enjoyed coming here. Now, granted, that may be because all I did was sit and talk to the dentist – but I loved that I could even do that! The last dentist I went to (to whom I paid quite a bit of money because she was not in my insurance network) only came to talk to me for a couple minutes on each visit, and really made the whole thing feel like a business. They tried to sell me stuff to build my enamel back (which most dentists agree is not really possible) and other such ridiculous things. I like Dr.S a lot. Really friendly and personable, and really just left this place super happy. Which does NOT happen for me at dentists’ offices.

Becky W.

Simply the Best! Professional, skilled, personable, down to earth! Highest Quality Care! Super comfortable atmosphere! Great location!

Gilbert A.

I can say that no one even comes close to Dr. Sarkar’s level of professionalism, care, skill and friendliness. He fixed mistakes from years ago and helped my mother tremendously. I would not see another dentist in the DMV.

Shadi H.

… I have been blessed to find Congressional Dental.

Amazing Amazing Amazing!
I have found my New Dentist for life.
He is practically pain free and is up on the newest technology and advancements.

Donna A.

I started going to Congressional Dental Care years ago because it was convenient to my place of employment. Now, I’m a dedicated patient because of the quality care and service I receive. I don’t dread the visit. I’ve been a patient for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else or trust another dentist to do my dental work. The office is bright and clean and you don’t sit for an eternity in the reception area waiting for service. Excellent and professional service–everyone–receptionist, dental hygienist, and doctor. The doctor is outstanding! I’ve had fillings, crowns, bridgework and I’ve never had one regrettable, painful experience. The doctor provides details on your dental health and explains recommended future treatment to keep your mouth healthy. The doctor is very friendly and caring and puts you at ease. I highly recommend this dental office–especially for the skeptics.

Kayla A.

I had a fantastic experience here! I had to get four teeth extracted in order to prep my mouth for braces, and experienced no pain! The day after my procedure, Cynthia at the front desk called to check on me. Really appreciate all the hard work and effort that you all put in. 🙂

Eric T.

This is such a good dental center! My husband had lots of travel, but they fit him into the schedule on short notice, did the periodontal work that we’ve been trying to resolve for two years (and did it well – 4 months later, still no problems at all!), were clear about how billing would work, and resubmitted our claims to insurance to check if they could get us any more coverage. their location is also great – right across the street from Twinbrook Metro (through the small back lot, cross the street, and you’re there!)

Teddi P.

I’ve had a number of procedures at this terrific dental practice, the latest of which was having two teeth pulled in preparation for the placement of implants. The staff is kind and considerate and more than willing to answer questions. Highly recommend receiving dental care here. They’re the best!

Becky W.

Simply the best dentist you’ll ever have!!! Dental team is masterful but down to earth. Super friendly and practical staff. You will enjoy a thorough, pressure free atmosphere.
So thankful to have found Congressional Dental! ♡

Anne P-Louis

For me, Congressional dental is one of the best in the entire area. Dr. Sakarzadeh and Dr Farzin are the combinations you need for implants. They are highly dependable, very courteous and well trained as well as the staff working with them. I have also done crowns and used other services from that clinic and have always been impressed by the high degree of professionalism combined with courtesy. A very pleasant experience overall.

Billy W.

Friendly staff – excellent place for dental implants

Betsy B.

Dr. Sarkarzadeh and the whole Congressional Dental team have a great combination of professionalism and congeniality. I always receive warm, friendly welcomes when I come in and they are all very compassionate and sensitive to each of their patient’s needs and circumstances. I have gone here for several years now and would recommend them to anyone.

Suzan B.

Dr. Sarkarzadeh and his staff have done so much more than just provide our family with basic dental care. They have given us information about possible future care, given us options when care has been required, and made us feel like real partners in our dental care planning and treatment. When necessary, Dr. S has referred us to dental specialists who have done excellent work. Staff provide top-notch dental work, ease in making appointments, clear communications, and helpful billing arrangements. They are professional, friendly and fun.

Dr. S has been our family dentist since 2004. As we prepare to move out of the area, it will be hard to say goodbye and thanks to Dr. S and his wonderful staff.