Is Dental Bonding Right For Me?

Dental Bondingin Rockville  Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh is a highly trained and experienced cosmetic dentist at Congressional Dental Care in Rockville, MD. Dr. Sarkarzadeh and our dental care team are committed to providing patients with personalized, effective solutions that address all their dental needs. 

Do you have damaged teeth?
Cosmetic bonding may be the right solution to restore your smile. Cosmetic bonding is a quick, effective solution that can be used to address a wide range of dental concerns. Cosmetic bonding can be used to correct chipped or cracked teeth, gapped teeth, tooth decay, and discolored teeth. Cosmetic bonding is applied to the front and back of the teeth to improve the appearance of damaged teeth.

Patients of all ages can benefit from cosmetic dental bonding. During your consultation, will determine if cosmetic bonding is right for you. If not, we offer a full range of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry treatments to enhance your smile.

What is Tooth Bonding

Cosmetic bonding can be a long-lasting, effective solution for restoring your smile. Dr. Sarkarzadeh is an experienced dentist who has had years of experience improving the appearance and function of damaged teeth. Dr. Sarkarzadeh will work with you to ensure your new restoration matches seamlessly with your natural smile. Cosmetic bonding can be a cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers; Dr. Sarkarzadeh will perform a comprehensive exam to determine which treatment is right for you.

If you have a more advanced case of tooth damage, Dr. Sarkarzadeh can work with you to determine if another cosmetic or restorative dentist service is right for you.

Transform Your Smile

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sarkarzadeh, you can visit Congressional Dental Care in Rockville, MD dental office. Patients can call (301) 276-4694 or schedule an appointment online.