Treating The Whole Family

Congressional Dental Care provides experienced family dentistry in Rockville; a one-stop spot for your entire family’s dental care needs and desires in the Rockville area. From routine visits for patients of all ages to advanced treatment options for cosmetic and restorative concerns, Dr. Ahrabi is dedicated to creating personalized solutions for patients. Life is busy enough as is, let us make it a little easier for you by having one dental office location that serves your family.

Dental care for the whole family in Rockville MD

Congressional Dental Care encourages establishing a good oral health routine from an early age to prevent future dental problems. Our highly-trained team will work with you and personalize the best treatment plan for everyone in the family. We encourage regular check-ups and provide our patients with the education they need to keep their smile healthy, comfortable and looking its best.

For children, a big part of maintaining oral health is disease prevention. Providing your children with the proper and age-appropriate dental care will help them exude confidence with a bright smile. We offer multiple services to ensure a positive, efficient dental experience that will address the needs of a growing smile.

  • Sports Mouthguards are used to help protect and prevent teeth and jaw injury while playing sports. We can make a custom mouthguard that even your children will not mind wearing. From children to adults everyone should wear a protective mouthguard when playing sports to prevent tooth loss and help protect against random sporting injuries.
  • Dental cleanings are always highly encouraged for all ages. Keeping up with cleanings will prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.
  • When tooth decay does happen, we use dental fillings as treatment. Fillings work well since they can be color matched to blend perfectly in with your existing teeth to create a natural look.
  • Wisdom tooth extractions is another service we provide. Once the wisdom teeth start to emerge we can remove them to prevent overcrowding or relieve impacted molar pain. Wisdom teeth removal is a routine procedure that most people undergo in their teens or early twenties.


Make an appointment today and keep the whole family happy and healthy.