Should I Get Dentures or Dental Implants?

Both dentures and dental implants are popular for replacing missing teeth. But how do you know which solution is the right one for your specific issue? Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh of Congressional Dental Care explains both to help you decide whether you should get dentures or dental implants in Rockville, MD. affordable dental implants in Rockville, Maryland


Dentures are made with artificial teeth to replace part of your gums, as well as your missing teeth. They aren’t a permanent dental restoration and have to be removed to be cleaned. Both partial and complete dentures are available, meaning they can replace a full arch of teeth or just a few. They take some time to get used to, as they don’t feel like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most natural form of tooth replacement. They consist of a titanium post that’s implanted into the jaw, an abutment piece to connect the final restoration, and the final restoration, usually a dental crown. Since it replaces the tooth root, implants are sturdy and don’t require any special care. You can follow your normal oral healthcare routine.

The Cost Comparison

Upfront, dentures are definitely less expensive. Many dental insurance plans also cover some of the cost of the dentures. However, dentures will need to be adjusted over time. They need to be realigned as the years go by so you can make sure you have the best fit possible with your dentures.

Dental implants are pricey, and many insurances don’t provide cover for them because they’re considered a cosmetic procedure. With dental implants, though, you don’t have to worry about the costs of upkeep down the line. As long as you’re taking care of your oral health properly, dental implants are a permanent restoration that’ll last years to come.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

At Congressional Dental Care, we recommend dental implants for many patients that are missing teeth. They’re the closest you can get to having your natural teeth back. They’re stable because they’re embedded in your jaw so you don’t have to worry about any dietary restrictions. You should have 100% of your chewing capacity back with dental implants, as opposed to 30-40% with dentures.

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that actually helps stimulate jawbone growth as well. When teeth are missing, the jawbone deteriorates. Since implants go in the jawbone, it stimulates the area to regrow jawbone to fuse around the implant. If you’ve been self-conscious about sagging facial features due to tooth loss, dental implants can eliminate it

Lastly, dentures can be extremely uncomfortable for people. They’re large and bulky in your mouth and you have to use adhesive to make sure they stay in. They can slip and move, causing discomfort in your soft tissue. Dental implants don’t have this problem since they’re a permanent restoration.

Dental Implants in Rockville, Maryland

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