10 Foods That are Bad for Your Teeth

Your diet can have more of an impact on your oral health than you may realize. Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh of Congressional Dental Health, a dentist in Rockville, MD, recommends 10 foods that you should try to avoid for your oral health.dentist in rockville, maryland

1. Chewy Candy

This is probably the top food that people should avoid eating. It’s a recipe for tooth decay and dental cavities. Because it’s chewy, it gets stuck between your teeth and can be hard to remove. Harmful oral bacteria get to feed on it longer and emit acidic byproducts into your mouth. This is what wears away the enamel on your teeth.

2. Hard Candy

While it isn’t chewy, hard candy isn’t a good substitute. Hard candy takes a long time to dissolve and it releases sugars into your mouth the entire time. It can also be a dental emergency waiting to happen. Biting down at the wrong angle or before it’s dissolved too much can cause a chip, break, or crack in your tooth.

3. Dried Fruit

While fruit is usually a safe snack for your sweet tooth, you should stick to the fresh kind. The drying process makes it concentrated with sugar and may cause the fruit to lose some of its nutritional value. Many dried fruits also have a chewy, sticky consistency that’s similar to chewy candies.

4. Ice

Water in its liquid form is one of the best things for your oral health. Not so much in its frozen form. A habit of chewing ice regularly can increase the wear and tear on your teeth. It also can have the same problem as hard candy if you bite down at the wrong angle.

5. Sports Drinks

Sports drinks may seem like a healthier alternative to things like soda and energy drinks. But if you read the nutrition label you’ll find that they have as much — or even more — sugar. Many sports drinks are also flavored with citric acid. This combination increases the likelihood of tooth decay.

6. Coffee and Tea

While these drinks can be okay in moderation and plain, many people drink them often and loaded with sugars and syrups. Drinking them regularly causes discolored teeth over time.

7. Chips and Crackers

You may not think these salty snacks have sugar in them, but they’re made of starches. They break down into sugars as you’re chewing and digesting. Chips also get stuck in between teeth, while crackers can form a paste in the crevices of your molars.

8. Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruit is still good for you, but something you should eat in moderation. Even lemon in your water will introduce citric acid to your teeth. Never brush them right after consuming acid, as this can make the effects worse. Rinse your mouth with plain water and wait for at least a half-hour until you brush.

9. Alcohol

Alcohol causes your mouth to dry out, reducing the amount of saliva. Over time, this can cause problems with gum disease and tooth decay as saliva is crucial for rinsing problem particles away.

10. Popcorn

Popcorn is notorious for getting stuck in your teeth. Kernels that are unpopped can also cause problems if you accidentally bite down on one.

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