All About Inlays and Onlays

At Congressional Dental Care, we always try to provide the most conservative treatment option to make sure we preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. Inlays and onlays help to do this in instances of damage or severe decay. Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh, a dentist in Rockville, MD, explains what you need to know about inlays and onlays.rockville, maryland dentist

What are Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays are made to take over when a dental filling or other simple procedure isn’t enough to take care of the damage or decay in your tooth. They can also be used when the tooth doesn’t need a dental crown but still needs further treatment. Professional-grade dental porcelain is used to make sure inlays and onlays can hold up for the years to come.

About Inlays

Inlays and onlays are used in two different types of conditions. Inlays are designed for treatment inside the cusp of the crown of your tooth. The inlay is designed to fit into the crevices of your tooth and seal it off from any further infection. If the tooth is damaged, the inlay helps to keep it held together so that you’re still able to have full functionality of your tooth.

About Onlays

Onlays are often also referred to as a partial crown. They’re customized to fit your tooth when there’s a large portion of decay or damage that takes up a solid amount of your tooth. This is a conservative restoration that allows you to keep your natural tooth and make sure it’s usable in the future.

The Inlay and Onlay Process

Before any restorative dentistry process, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Sarkarzadeh. He’ll evaluate the condition of your tooth and make sure that an inlay or onlay is the right procedure for you. Once he’s sure, an appointment will be scheduled to take care of the first part of an inlay or onlay.

To start, he’ll numb the full area around the tooth in question with a local anesthetic. If you have an old dental filling, he’ll remove it. If there’s decay or damaged tissue, he’ll make sure to remove all that as well and ensure the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. Once it’s ready, a mold of your tooth will be made with a small tray of dental putty. This allows the inlay or onlay to be customized for your specific tooth.

A temporary restoration will be placed while your permanent one is being made. The dental laboratory will craft it from dental porcelain that’s been color-matched to the rest of your smile. Your restoration will blend into your smile seamlessly.

When the inlay or onlay is ready, we’ll have you come in and remove the temporary restoration. The inlay or onlay is placed and we make sure that it’s comfortable and functional for your needs. The restoration will be permanently bonded to the tooth. When taken care of properly, this should last decades!

Inlays and Onlays at Your Rockville, Maryland Dentist

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