Coffee and Your Oral Health

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the United States. About half of American adults enjoy this beverage, whether they are enjoying a warm mug or sipping an iced drink.

Coffee is known to be detrimental to your oral health, but you can still appreciate this beverage while paying attention to your teeth. Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh, a dentist in Rockville, MD, provides tips for drinking coffee while taking care of your dental health.

protect oral health while drinking coffee in Rockville Maryland

Beware of Teeth Staining

Coffee can negatively impact the appearance of your smile over time. Dark-colored beverages such as coffee contain tannins, which absorb into tooth enamel and can leave your teeth stained, yellowed, or discolored. Once these tannins are within the enamel, they cannot be removed with traditional tooth brushing.

Adding milk to your beverage or choosing a lighter-colored brew may lower the risk of staining teeth while drinking coffee. If you notice you have developed tooth discoloration, you can talk to your dentist about a professional whitening treatment to enhance your tooth color.

Skip the Sugar

Coffee is naturally bitter, so many people add sugar to their drinks to improve the taste. This can be detrimental to your oral health because sugar interacts with bacteria in your mouth to eat away tooth enamel.

Brushing immediately after consuming sugar will further harm your teeth because the action weakens already thin tooth enamel. This can lead to tooth decay that may require extensive restorative dental work to repair. Drinking coffee without sugar can preserve the structure of your teeth.

Stay Hydrated

The caffeine in a cup of coffee is appealing to many individuals who seek a boost of energy to help them get through their day. However, caffeine can dehydrate you, which can negatively impact multiple systems in your body.

Low hydration levels can dry out your mouth, leaving your gums vulnerable to bacterial infection. Gum disease can lead to recession of your gums, tooth loss, and other dental health concerns. You can lower your risk of gum disease if you drink plenty of water after having coffee.

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