On-the-Go Oral Hygiene Tips

Planning a vacation this fall? Whether you want to explore a new city or visit loved ones in another state, you have a lot to plan before you hit the road. When preparing for your trip, do not forget your oral health.

Though you might intend to relax on your holiday, plaque will not take a break from forming on your smile. Make sure plaque does not harm your teeth by continuing to take proper care of your smile. Read on to find three tips for maintaining good oral hygiene as you travel.

healthy smiles while traveling

How Can I Keep My Teeth Clean While Traveling?

Pack Hygienic Supplies in a Convenient Place

Since you brush your teeth and floss at least once every day, your oral hygiene supplies will likely rank high on your list of items to pack for your trip. However, you do not always have easy access to your luggage as you travel. Your bags might be checked on a long flight or be locked in a hotel room as you explore a city.

For this reason, you should keep oral hygiene items on hand. This way, you will not have to compromise your dental care due to a lack of accessibility to your supplies.

For instance, floss kept in your pocket or purse can keep your smile clean and free from harmful plaque throughout your vacation. You can fight long-term dental problems as well as acute issues like bad breath.

Plan Healthy Snack Options

You likely look forward to trying new restaurants or sitting down to a home-cooked meal with loved ones during your trip. But with certain meals planned, you may also want to think about snacks before you leave for this vacation.

If you do not consider snacking options ahead of your trip, you may cave to temptations to eat foods that will be bad for your oral health. Cravings for sweet foods especially can lead you to hurt your teeth if you indulge in them too much. Sugar can erode your teeth and heighten your risk for cavities.

If you pack snacks for your trip, you can choose options that will also boost your oral hygiene while also preventing this dental damage. Nuts and other crunchy foods will scrape away plaque and lingering food particles as you eat them.

Drink Plenty of Water Consistently

If you have a busy schedule for your vacation, it may be difficult to keep track of the smaller actions you take to keep your mouth healthy. You need to drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day.

When on the go, it might be harder to drink as much water as you need. This could lead your mouth to dry out, allowing bacteria to spread with ease across your teeth. This may heighten your risk of oral infections like gum disease.

You can protect your gums by packing an easy-to-carry water bottle. This way, you can track the water you drink and make it simpler to keep your mouth refreshed and healthy. This will also rinse lingering residues from your smile for another type of oral hygiene boost.