Prepare for a Teeth Cleaning

If you have a routine dental check-up approaching, you might wonder if you need to prepare for this upcoming appointment at your dentist’s office. Whether you intend to visit a new dentist or attend the same practice as usual, you should get ready ahead of this appointment.

During this check-up, a dentist will clean your teeth and evaluate your oral health. You should anticipate these occurrences so that your experience at the dentist’s office will go smoothly and efficiently. Read on to find three steps you should take before you arrive at your dentist’s office for a teeth cleaning appointment.

Prepare for a Teeth Cleaning

Complete Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine

Before you go to your routine dentist appointment, you should complete your usual oral hygiene regimen. Even though your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth, you should brush your teeth and floss like you normally would.

This will remove easy layers of plaque and other buildups so that your dentist can focus on tartar and more difficult residues on your teeth. Ultimately, this can lead to less time in your dentist’s chair so that you can return more quickly to your regular schedule.

But you should note that oral hygiene performed on this day will not replace missed at-home dental care. Do not overexert or vigorously brush your teeth. You will just irritate your teeth and gums without impacting preventative oral health care. Stick to consistent routines when it comes to oral hygiene for optimal care.

Pay Attention to Your Comfort Level

Patients of any age can feel nervous about upcoming dental work, even routine procedures like teeth cleaning. Communicate any feelings of anxiety to your dentist so that they can help you feel more at ease in their care. Modern dentistry prioritizes patient comfort to ensure you have a positive experience at your dentist’s office.

Take note of how you feel and consider ways that can help you relax both before and during your dentist appointment. For instance, you might want to try deep breathing exercises to reduce stress. You can also bring music or a friend with you to your appointment. Wear loose, comfy clothing to avoid adding extra discomfort in the dentist’s chair.

Bring All Necessary Materials to the Dental Office

Eliminate delays and confusion when you arrive at your dentist’s office by making sure you bring all necessary materials. Consider making a checklist to ensure you have everything you need before you leave your house.

The front office staff will ask you to confirm your dental insurance details, so bring this card with you. If you have oral appliances, like dentures or Invisalign, check that you have these with you as well. Your dentist will want to check that these devices function as they need to.

You may miss crucial dental care if you forget these items. If you have questions about what you need or what you can expect from this appointment, call your dentist today.