Treatment For Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing, but did you know that bad breath might be an indication of an underlying dental concern?

Bad breath is most commonly the result of poor oral hygiene or strong smelling food. However, there is a range of dental concerns that may cause bad breath (halitosis). Halitosis is a persistent bad breath that is not removed after completing your normal oral hygiene routine. Halitosis can sometimes be an indication of poor oral health, tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities.

At Congressional Dental Care, Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh offers treatments for a wide range of dental concerns, including bad breath. If your bad breath is persistent, then you may want to schedule a visit Dr. Sarkarzadeh to find that right treatment for your smile.

Treating Bad Breath

Treating halitosis will depend on the cause of the bad breath. During your visit to our Rockville, MD dental office, Dr. Sarkarzadeh will perform a routine oral exam. Dr. Sarkarzadeh will check for dental issues like dry mouth, cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease to determine if one or more of these dental issues are the cause of the bad breath.

Dr. Sarkarzadeh offers a wide range of restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry service to treat patients with halitosis. If your halitosis is caused by gum disease, Dr. Sarkarzadeh may suggest one or more periodontal therapy services to improve the health of your teeth. If your halitosis is caused by tooth decay or cavities, Dr. Sarkarzadeh will remove the decayed portion of your teeth and may suggest a dental crown, dental filling, or inlays/onlays to restore your smile.

Schedule A Consultation

If you are experiencing persistent bad breath, please don’t hesitate to contact Congressional Dental Care. Dr. Sarkarzadeh can work with you to create a treatment plan that addresses all your dentistry needs. Also, patients should be scheduling biannual dental checkups to ensure their smile is healthy and they have developed any serious dental problems. If you need to schedule an appointment, patients can contact our Rockville dental office or schedule an appointment online.