What is TeethXpress?

TeethXpress is a procedure that allows our patients to get brilliant, straight, white and natural-looking teeth in just under one day. Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh and Dr. Sina Frarzin at Congressional Dental Care make it their priority to give their patients safe, comfortable and long-lasting cosmetic dental treatment.

Dr. Sina Frarzin has over 20 years of experience, and has obtained the qualifications needed to execute this incredible procedure. This procedure utilizes a denture that supports dental implants. After just one office visit at Congressional Dental Care, patients leave with their new, possibly life-changing smile.

Benefits to TeethXpress

Patients are given many benefits when their teeth are treated with TeethXpress technology:

  • No gum irritation
  • No messy adhesive
  • No bone loss
  • Corrected facial structure
  • Teeth stay in place when eating
  • Improved physical and mental health

With TeethXpress, patients can eat any foods they would like comfortably and safely. The denture is securely fastened to patient’s teeth for maximum convenience and ease. Patients do not have to worry about or fear dentures falling out any longer.


Prior to treatment, our dentists evaluate patient’s teeth to ensure that they have a healthy bone structure. Evaluating teeth is a safeguard that assures that patient’s teeth are able to support the denture. After, a treatment plan is formed and is custom-made to each patient for a perfect fit.

Damaged teeth are removed prior to the procedure. Dr. Sina Frarzin will then insert the dental implants comfortably into the patient’s mouth. Typically, 4 to 6 dental implants are needed on average to secure the denture. Screws are then attached to abutment posts. This is to ensure that the denture is secured and will not fall out or slide around in the mouth.

If patients have an existing denture from a previous procedure, our dentists are able to utilize that denture during operation. A new denture can also be formed in-office prior to this procedure.

Learn more about the dental implant options we provide as well as the Teeth-In-A-Day implant procedure.

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