Emergency Dentistry FAQs

In the event of a dental emergency, contact our Rockville, MD office at (301) 276-4694 to schedule an appointment. We collaborate with patients to find the perfect solution for their dental problems. Learn more about the frequently asked emergency dentistry questions we receive below:

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Commonly Asked Dental Emergency Questions

What do I do in the event of a dental emergency?

Call our office to receive immediate treatment. If you are experiencing a dire emergency dial 911. Early treatment can help prevent future dental problems from developing and can even save teeth depending on the case.

What do I do if my tooth is knocked out?

If possible, retreive the tooth and lightly rinse it, placing it in a cup of saliva or milk to transport to our office. A preserved tooth may be able to be replaced. Dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures are also effective restorative solutions used to replace the missing tooth if it cannot be rescued.

What do I do if I am feeling severe tooth pain?

Over-the-counter pain reliever usually improves symptoms. However, in severe cases, pain may be caused by tooth decay or an abscess. Contact our office to schedule an appointment if pain persists. If you experience swelling along with the tooth pain, apply a cold compress.

What do I do if my crown or filling falls out or breaks?

Contact our office so that we can construct and fit you with a new dental restoration. Do not attempt to reglue your crown or filling.

What do I do if my dental bridge or denture breaks?

Bring the broken appliance with you to an appointment if possible. Our team will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for replacing the appliance.

What do I do if an object is stuck between my teeth?

Gently floss between the teeth to see if you can remove the object. Contact us if it cannot be removed.

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