Staying Hydrated Protects Your Oral Health

Humans consist of more than 60% water, so we are taught early in life to drink water on a regular basis. Low hydration levels can lead to health concerns throughout your entire body, including your mouth.

To preserve the strength and appearance of your teeth and gums, health professionals recommend drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day. Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh, a dentist in Rockville, MD, describes the benefits that drinking plenty of water can have for your oral health.

drink water to protect your teeth in Rockville Maryland

Rinses Unwanted Residue

Drinking water can feel refreshing when you are thirsty, but it invigorates your mouth by enhancing oral hygiene too. Dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day and flossing daily as part of a healthy oral hygiene routine. However, we consume items that can contribute to bacterial interaction in our mouths throughout the day.

A glass of water can rinse lingering food particles from your mouth that may cling to teeth after eating. This can reduce symptoms like bad breath and lower the risk of dental concerns like tooth decay.

Fights Dry Mouth

Low levels of hydration can decrease saliva production and leave you with dry mouth. This sensation feels uncomfortable, and it also allows bacteria in your mouth to spread more easily.

If you are dehydrated, you could be at a greater risk for oral infections, including gum disease. Patients with gum disease often notice bleeding, swollen, or sore gums.

This condition can be treated by your dental professional, but advanced stages of this disease can cause harm to your teeth, even tooth loss. To avoid these issues, you should drink at least the recommended daily amount of water.

Offers Health Advantages

When compared to beverages like soft drinks, water is one of the healthiest drink choices. It has zero calories and can contain fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel.

Other beverages can have an abundance of sugar, which is detrimental to your teeth. Sugar reacts with bacteria in your mouth to become acidic and eat away tooth enamel. Dark-colored beverages have the potential to stain your teeth, so colorless water can help you preserve your ideal tooth color.

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